Blakeney Sanford in her studio captured by Alex Farnum.

A native of California, Blakeney Sanford was raised inspired by open spaces and the natural environment.  Her childhood spent on California ranchland along the California coast and her summers spent on Midwestern lakes fostered an appreciation for diverse environments and exposed her to fascinating patterns and designs in the natural world, a base from which she draws her current inspiration

Her most notable work, the contemporary “Shades of Blue” resin series, reflects this inspiration in its form and scale.  Ranging in size from 12” to 40’, this series, based primarily on water, employs industrial metal, fiberglass and an epoxy bio-resin tinted in various shades of blue.  In galleries and spaces throughout the United States, she has transformed these rigid materials into fluid shapes, basic rooms into experiences, and walls and buildings into canvases of brilliant color using light and shadow.  Her work makes a statement in its magnitude, color and shape. 

Other works include painting and mixed media pieces.

Blakeney has shown in galleries and museums Nationally, and is part of significant global collections.  She has collaborated with corporate brands, such as Quiksilver and Roxy.  Blakeney works from her studio near Santa Barbara, CA.

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